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I'm back...

I'm back. Sorry I haven't updated the past couple weeks. I went on a trip to Myrtle Beach and got to wear my cutsey bikini around the beach and pools at the condo I stayed in. I spent a lot of time in the hot tubs outside while sipping on Mango Coladas.

It was fun BUT... I ended up getting sick on the way home. I was stuck in traffic for a long time and then had 2 flights to catch which took 18 hours to get home, when it should have only took 2 hours. Then I was sick in bed with the flu this past week.

I still have a lingering cold - but am feeling better. But you know what would make me feel even better? A gift from my wishlist...... yeah, I know I'm a bad girl... heh ;)

I have started a new health plan and new exercise plan so I can get back into shape. As soon as I get down my previous smokin' size - I'm going to wear the skimpiest clothes possible!

I have much to do this week. When I returned from Myrtle Beach, I found that my bank account had been overcharged by Comcast and some other companies that I have automatic online payments set up for. And then an additional $34 for each one while my account was negative. So I had a negative - $300 balance.

I have sold some of my artwork since then and have gotten my account up to a positive balance... but havent got the money for rent and it's due in a couple days.

There's nothing worse than coming home from vacation, being so sick with a cold that you can't do anything and find out that you don't have any money AND that you can't do anything about it.

Things have to get better soon. :*(

I like Masiumi Max's makeup in this picture. Everything I try to do the dark eyes - It doesnt look good on me. Maybe it's because I have fair skin or I just don't have the right face shape or makeup or what. I dunno. But I wish I could make it look good like that.

Financial Stress

I now have 4 credit cards. Three of them are completely maxed out. The fourth one has not been used - but I now need to transfer some of the balances of the other cards onto this 4th card to keep from getting all these penalty charges. I really just want to pay them all off.

They got maxed out because of a couple trips to NYC and expenses during college. I now have student loans to pay back as well, but am doing an unemployment deferment so my credit stays ok.

I just finished printing out my resume for some job applications at local art galleries and musuems. ::::Crossing my fingers:::::: I'm really hoping to secure a summer job to help pay for bills, but also have time to work in my art studio.

Ah, I can't wait for a day to go on a shopping spree.... One can wish**********

*No Photo for this entry *


I'm feeling so restless tonight. I'm watching "Strangers with Candy" and baking a mini pizza I made with garlic pita bread. I'm not sure if I should try going to sleep or drink tons of coffee and try being productive tonight. I sort of want to go running but it's too dark around the lake at this time of night/morning. Maybe I'll just stay up for a few more hours to go running.

The drive-in

I went to the Drive-In last night - which I haven't been to since I was a kid. We watched Disturbia, Blades of Glory, and Shooter. Disturbia was long and boring. I wouldn't recommend it at all. Blades of Glory was entertaining, but not as funny as it should have been. And Shooter was the best of the three, but wasn't an amazing movie.

It started to rain and the windows were fogging up, so it was a little hard to see the screen toward the end of Shooter. It was fun - except for the van full of kids parked next to us that were being a little annoying and loud.

And here's another picture....

Burlesque it is!

My girlfriend canceled on the drag queen event - so it looks like I'm heading out to the burlesque show tonight instead. I'm torn between staying home cuddled in bed and going out for drinks with friends. Btw when I use the term "girlfriend" - I do mean a "girl" that is my "friend". Just for clarification...

I'm not sure what to wear tonight. I'm tempted to wear the same outfit I wore last night because I looked sexy and thin - but don't want to wear the same outfit twice in a row. I have a cute pin up style dress - but unfortunately my cat had rubbed up against it in the closet - and now it is covered in gray cat fuzz. Hmm... I just want to be comfy in something that's still sexy. I'll do my makeup all pretty and simple with luscious red lips and curled lashes. I think I'll curl my hair as well.

Another random photograph of me:

A busy weekend ahead

Last night I went out with a friend of mine to a bar and had about 4 - 5 drinks. I ended up dancing on a pole with another dancer for a bit and spent the rest of the night chatting with random people. I was hoping to get ahold of some of my girlfriends - so I could have a girl's night out - but it's always hard to get ahold of them on Thursday nights.

I pretty much have plans this whole weekend, but I'm already a bit tired. There are three different events going on tonight. The art crawl starts tonight, there is a burlesque show, and a drag queen event. I think my friends and I will be attending the drag queen event. Then tomorrow night I'm hanging out with some of my girlfriends that I haven't seen in 4 months. I'm not sure what we are doing yet though. And then on Sunday - I will be attending the art crawl. It's going to be a busy & fun weekend.

So I thought, since I haven't completely finished organizing this website and diary page - I will just add a photograph or two of myself to each post. Eventually I will get around to create a photo gallery section for my modeling photographs and just casual fun photographs of me and my friends.

I have a bit of a hangover from last night and have been munching on some hummus and crackers in my pjs on the couch this afternoon. I actually have started 4 "blog" sites and still have a ways to go before they are all up and running. I'm not going to link these to each other in anyway. I want to remain as anonymous as possible with some of them and eventually have other "bloggers" add to the content of these blogs. But this one will always be my personal diary where I can vent and *ooooo-ah* over everything in my life.

So here is a random photograph of me (on the left) and some friends I thought I'd share. :)

An Introduction...

Hello. This is my first entry for this diary. It will be updated regularly and is featured on my personal website, avadoll.com. I'm still working on - adding links, photographs, and more content to this diary and website - so please be patient. ;)

I want my website to eventually serve as a modeling portfolio as well as an outlet to share my personal life with people all over the world. I'm sure there will be many aesthetic changes to come, but for now - I'm pretty happy with this *cherry blossom* theme I have going on.

Please feel free to introduce yourself and comment on any of my diary posts here. And it would be great if you could let me know if any links or anything else on this site is not working correctly.


~ Ava Doll

P.S. Here's a some-what recent casual photograph of me. Nighty Nite.